Change the World By Changing Your Investments

Most of us don’t realize we are contradicting our values with our investments. Fiduciary Financial Advisor Karsten Kaczmar discusses what to do about it.

Your investment impact often cancels the good you’re doing

“You vote with your dollars; we had no idea what we were voting for.” As one of my clients so eloquently put it, every dime you invest is a vote made for the company it’s invested in. If you are fighting for political change or living “green” in your everyday choices but invested in standard mutual funds or ETFs, you’re cancelling any good you’re doing elsewhere.

I’m a fee-only fiduciary who specializes in responsible, impact focused asset management. That means I don’t sell products, I have a legal obligation to look out for your best interest, and I’m here to make sure your financial life and your values are both empowered.

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