Do You Know Whether Your Investment Portfolio is Undermining the Environmental Causes You Care About?

(If You Aren’t Sure, Then the Answer is Most Likely “Yes”…)

“Every Dime You Invest is a Vote for the Company it’s Invested in…We Had No Idea What We Were Voting For!”

— A Private Client

Are you are fighting for social change where you can and doing your best to be conscious of the environmental impact of your everyday choices?

But then when it comes to your investments, you’ve pretty much resigned yourself to the fact that investing in big corporations is just a necessary evil?

(After all, how can you continue to support the causes you care about if your investments aren’t generating the best returns, right?)

Maybe you aren’t 100% aligned with your financial advisor when it comes to your values, but you do trust that they are looking out for your best financial interests–after all, they probably came highly recommended, maybe even by your parents or family members.

If you’re like many of my Bay-area clients, it can feel really lonely handling your investments.

Your family or other high-net-worth friends don’t necessarily share your values, passions or interests, but the people in your world who do just can’t relate to what it’s like to be making the financial decisions you face or managing the funds that you have.

Unfortunately, the hard truth is that if you’re invested in standard mutual funds or ETFs, no matter how much good you do in your everyday life, your investments are canceling out a lot of it.

Of course you need to get a good return on your investments. And capitalism isn’t gonna change any time soon. But there are important ways you can reduce the negative impact of your investments. And you can be a lot more conscious of the impact of your investments when you’re working with an advisor who understands your perspective and shares your concerns.

Hi, I’m Karsten!

I’m a fee-only fiduciary who specializes in responsible, impact-focused asset management.

As a Fee-Only Fiduciary, I have a legal obligation to look out for your best interests in every decision I make. Unlike many financial advisors, who can be giving advise with conflicting interests, I don’t make any commissions or sell any products. I am always working in your favor and my interests always align with yours.

As such, it’s my duty to make sure that my clients feel as good as possible about the impact their investments have on the planet WHILE making sure they also get great returns on their investments.

I’m here to make sure your financial life and your values are both empowered and aligned.

Unfortunately, most people (even some of the smartest ones out there) mistakenly believe that because they are invested in “green” or “environmentally friendly” funds, that they are doing as much as possible to ensure their investments have a positive impact on the planet (or at least not a negative one). What they don’t realize is that those green funds often STILL own shares in fossil fuels that are actively contributing to global warming.

As a sex-positive member of the LBGTQIAA+ community who is dead-set on transforming capitalism, I understand that it’s hard to find someone who understands investing and understands you, your values and your unique circumstances.

Maybe you’re curious about working with someone who is NOT your parent’s financial advisor…

And/or you’re looking for an advisor who gets it, and who shares your passion for social and environmental change…

And you feel relief at the idea of working with someone who will hold your hand (when you need it), listen to what’s on your heart and mind, and help you make the tough and important decisions about how to maximize the positive impact of your unique situation to create positive change for yourself, your community and the planet…

Then you’ve almost certainly found the right person, but…

Let’s make an appointment to get on a call, talk face-to-face, discuss the particulars of your situation and find out if we’re as good of a fit as it seems like.